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Sunday, 9 February 2014

Saturday February 8th. A day spent photographing one of the largest swells to hit the Cornish coast in a long time. I covered nearly 150 miles driving from beach to beach. The following photos are from Sennen, Penzance, Newlyn, Lamorna, Mother Ivey's Bay and Trevose head

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CRose said...

Your photography is really beautiful! It's great to find someone who is as fascinated by water and waves as I am. Sometimes I can feel the power of the waves like music with a heavy bass booming through my body. I love what you do with color. It enhances the overall effect nicely. I see the one photo of the green ocean waves. One of my favorite things is the ever changing colors. On some beaches every wave is a different color and has several shades of color in it! On a cruise ship you can see every color of water imaginable. From clear turquoise to deep blue-black. Cornwall is one of the places I would most love to see and your photos embody the exact reason why. To see the waves crashing on the cliffs would be a dream come true! Is it possible you have a similar fascination with the colors of clouds? I noticed the amazing salmon colored sky in another photo. Clouds change color from moment to moment. I have a fascination with clouds and my favorite place is a beach on a partly cloudy day! Thanks for the treat of the glimpses of Cornwall!